Your awesome ‘Hacker Hacker’ ringtone is here

Now you can listen to Hacker Hacker every time your phone rings. How cool is that!?

‘Hacker Hacker’ is the song that the guys from Phenoelit presented during the last PH-neutral. It has been an awesome few years of partying, sorry to see it go.

Kudos to all that helped make PH-neutral such a great yearly meeting/party,  kudos to @Phonoelit for the great song, kudos to @binarydom for the awesome vid, kudos to FX for enjoying our champagne during the keynote year after year ;-) and thanks to @michielprins for making the m4r.

Zip of M4R and MP3 ringtone can be found here (rename to zip as WordPress doesn’t allow commonly used file extensions):

Original YouTube movie can be found here

MP3 of original full song can be found here

So, next DefCon I wanna hear some ‘Hacker Hacker’ :-)

One Response to “Your awesome ‘Hacker Hacker’ ringtone is here”

  1. nice one :) and thanks, but i can’t take credit for the video… those kudos go out to golle! i only made the song.

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