Persistent GNU Radio Live SDR Environment on your Mac

Quick manual to get the GNU Radio Live SDR Envrionment to run on your Apple Mac.

The proces is the same as using the regular unetbootin tool and the ISO image. But for your Mac it taks a few essential extra stept. I couldnt find a manual online so perhaps this is of use for someone.

  1. Format your USB stick using Disk Utility. Create one new partition, using MBR boot partition layout (check Options). Make it FAT.
  2. From command line check what volume number the stick has using ‘diskutil list’. In my example its /dev/disk2
  3. Unmount volumes: ‘diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2’
  4. Make the newly created aprtition active:
    1. fdisk -e /dev/disk2
    2. f 1
    3. write
    4. exit
  5. Get syslinux
  6. Write the syslinux MBR image to the stick’s MBR: ‘dd conv=notrunc bs=440 count=1 if=syslinux/bios/mbr/mbr.bin of=/dev/disk2’
  7. Get unetbootin for Mac OSX
  8. Get GNU Radio Live SDR
  9. Start unetbootin, have it write to the USB stick with input file the downloaded iso.
  10. If you want persistent enter a size for persistence storage
  11. Mount the new volume and add ‘persistent’ to the boot parameter in the boot/grub/grub.cfg config file. I also removed the quiet and splash functions for better troubleshooting
  12. Reboot holding down the option key and select the disk to boot from.
  13. Profit.

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