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Champagne shampoo?!

Posted in Champagne, Random, Useless news on 2010/09/19 by mram
Bubbly shampoo?

Enjoy the taste!

Yes, it does exist. AndrĂ©lon, a Dutch found company making hair styling products and shampoos, is celebrating it’s 70 year birthday. They are celebrating with a special part edition of their shampoo, called Champagne Shampoo. I bet only the bottle is different.

But as ‘Champagne’ is a legally protected term, the wine farmers from the Champagne region are upset for illegal use of the term. All I can say is great marketing stunt from both AndrĂ©lon and the wine farmers as they both hit the news with absolutely no effort at all.

Only question I have remaining is wether the shampoo has any bubbles?


Hello World!

Posted in Random on 2010/09/18 by mram

Hello world, welcome to my blog! Here I will post my thoughts about two things I like: champagne and security & hacking